Antique Bambara stool, Mali

This antique stool represents a kneeling man. Carved from a single piece of wood, this piece measures 9 inches high and 16 inches across. Light and sturdy it could still be used as a stool, but also is a great stand alone sculpture.

Price: $295.00


Ashanti stool, Ghana

Natural finish on this Ashanti stool from Ghana. This is made in the style of the chief’s stool and is traditionally only used inside. This stool has a small repair/crack on one of the corners of the top.

Price: $490.00


Antique Ethiopian Headrest

There’s a small old crack in the center of the top of this antique wood carving, which was used as a headrest in Ethiopia.  It is about 6 inches tall. When I purchased this in Ethiopia, I was told that it is at least 300 years old.  My guess is that it is at least 100 years old. It has a nice patina, and makes a great display for jewelry.

Price: $150.00